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Lessons with Ukulenny

Lenny is an accomplished private teacher, with experience in teaching students from Ages 6 to 86.  Lenny specializes in Ukulele but also offers high quality lessons in Guitar, Bass, and Voice.  


Ukulenny currently hosts lessons at his home in the Fruitvale area of Oakland.  House calls also available but highly limited, and come with a travel fee.  Skype/FaceTime is also available, more info about that is down below.

Teaching Style

I truly believe that anyone with musical interest or desire can and should learn how to play an instrument!  Even those who say "I don't have a musical ear," or feel that they are "tone-deaf" have the potential to express themselves, and with the right tools, can learn how to make music and do it well.

My teaching style revolves around what the student wants - what music they like, what instruments they're interested in, and ultimately what they want to do with their musical abilities.  Whether you want to perform on large stages in front of packed houses, accompany yourself as you play original music in intimate settings, lead a classroom of young children in song, or just jam along with friends at the park, I would love to help you along your musical journey in whatever way possible.  

Once I understand your goals and also where you're at musically, I work carefully to devise a curriculum that suits your needs.  If you have a few songs in mind, we can work together on those songs to tailor and perfect your performances of those songs.  Or, if you have a larger goal you're looking at, or that "I've always wanted to play that song" song, I can hand pick songs and exercises that will build your skills week by week so that, indeed, you WILL play that song!  Whatever your needs are, I will do my best to provide the tools necessary to get you there.

Music is a beautiful thing - I've loved music all my life and can't wait to share not only my passion, but my experience and knowledge in this wonderful art form.  Rock on!  -Lenny

Rates (updated 9/1/2017)

Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Voice (1-2 students)

60 min | 60

45 min | 50

30 min | 40

Group Ukulele Lessons (3-4 students)

60 min | 100

45 min | 80

30 min | 60

Group Ukulele Lessons (5-6 students) 

60 min | 150

45 min | 120

Group Ukulele Lessons (7+ students) 

90 min | 30/student

60 min | 25/student



 Lessons are paid via paypal, cash, or check.  

Lenny will provide basic handouts and chord charts, and book fees may apply depending on the student's needs.

Skype/FaceTime Lessons

In this new and fancy technological era, Lenny is now teaching online lessons via skype.  Now you can jam with Ukulenny from all around the world!  Skype lessons are a US $1 per minute, so $30 for 30 minutes, $45 for 45 minutes, and $60 for 60 minutes.  Looking forward to seeing you on the interwebs!


If interested in booking lessons, please send an e-mail to ukulenny@gmail.com describing what you're interested in, and a brief description of your goals in pursuing lessons.  We'll go from there!



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