Ukulenny Gear!

A lotta folks ask me what I'm playing with on stage, so here's a page dedicated to that!  If you're shopping it out do click the links on this page so you can give some of that Ukulenny affiliate support through Amazon =D

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Kala Custom Ukulele, created by Liam Jenkins and Jason Villa.  Torrefied Sitka Spruce Top, Koa back and sides, some awesome details including the Filipino Sun and Stars inlay on the headstock, SD on the heel and the bracing (logo by Mana Pono), a blue and white circle around the soundhole, and of course, the ukulenny logo inlay on the ebony fretboard.  Also added the peg tuners on the back to remind myself of my old cello playing days.

Photo Credit: Craig Chee



(links go to Amazon ;))

LR Baggs Venue DI

A must have for any ukulele player!  Just like its name suggests, walk into any venue and as long as you have this DI, you can tweak the sound to your liking.

LR Baggs Align Series Reverb Pedal

An awesome pedal optimized for acoustic instruments, it's great to have your own reverb to ensure that your ukulele sounds nice and warm with additional sustain and reflections.

Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper

Love this pedal for having two channels + a mic input!  Perfect for my ukulele, bass, and beatbox setup, and you can store 99 loops on it if you want to prepare backing tracks for your set.

Radial Engineering Hotshot ABO Pedal

I use this pedal to switch from beatboxing to vocals.  Most loop artists have to have a separate mic for beatboxing, but not me!  Make sure you tell the sound guy to turn off Phantom Power as it messes with this pedal.

VooDoo Labs Pedal Power ISO 5

After dealing with noisy "one spot" type 9v adapters, I switched to the VooDoo Pedal Power box and my life was forever changed!  Just enough juice for my small rig, but I'd buy a bigger one if I add any more pedals.

Dunlop Crybaby Mini-Wah Pedal

My latest addition, this Mini Wah adds another dimension to my sound and works great for solos and rhythmic wah patterns.  I brought it to the Summer NAMM and all the bass players sounded extra funky once I laid down the ukulele groove!

EHX Synth9

Loving the synth sounds out of this pedal from Electro-Harmonix!

MXR Talk Box

Haven't whipped this pedal out at a live show but always a fun toy to add to the rig.

Wireless Gear

I use Shure wireless gear including a headset mic and a cable for my ukulele.  I suggest buying the package with two belt packs and adding on the headset/cables of your choice!

Shure BLX Dual Receiver with 2 belt packs

Shure Headset (higher quality)

Shure Headset (lower quality)

Shure Instrument Cable

Speakers/PA System

Behringer MPA40BTPRO

Best value speaker is the Behringer PA40BTPRO!  2 Channels + Bluetooth, luggage wheels for easy transport, perfect for your bass or uke+vocal combo and a steal at $200.

Bose S1

If you want to break the bank, the Bose S1 is by far my favorite portable PA solution, 2 XLR/Instrument channels with reverb, + bluetooth.  Multiple placement angles make this perfect for outdoor gigs, small clubs where you need to play background music, and even just to stream Spotify for your backyard party.  I love my S1 and take it everywhere!  $600 but worth every penny.

Bose L1 Compact

For big gigs, I always have my trusty Bose L1 Compact System.  Sounds excellent in just about any venue and plenty loud.  Hook up a small mixer and you're set!  $1000 and a worthy investment!

Mackie ProFX12v2

My current studio mixer with USB is perfect for my applications of livestreaming, recording, monitoring in my living room.  Comes complete with effects, separate monitoring volumes, and onboard faders for fine tuning.

Shure MVi Audio Interface

My simple solution for plugging in an audio source into my phone or laptop.  A few powerful features to capture the best sound makes this a very versatile device!

Auxiliary Instruments

As you know I'm a mutli-instrumentalist and am addicted to adding more instruments to my set.  Here are some of my favorite companions.

Otamatone Techno - Has an extra output to link to your iPhone!  Worth the extra cash

Otamatone Deluxe - the original Deluxe model.  You can use this with the app if you get yourself an iRig

Hammond 440 - the pro melodion from Hammond/Suzuki, excellent playability and a 1/4" instrument out to plug into your amp or PA system!!

Yamaha YAS62 III - Allows me to play Careless Whisper every night =)